Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

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Q: How much is the Youth SF Scholarship for?

A: Youth SF will cover a maximum of $2,500 per student, per year.  Families/Guardians are also expected to contribute a minimum of $500 per student per year.  Youth SF will cover the remaining tuition costs (again, up to $2,500).

Q: Does my child qualify?

A: As long as your child is entering K-12th grade at a registered private school in San Francisco this coming Fall, is in good standing with their school, and your family demonstrates financial need, pays over $500 for tuition per student per year, then they qualify and could apply.  We do not offer tuition assistance for college level education.

Q: Does Youth SF provide a check to me, or directly to the school?

A: Youth SF will make two payments (a little after the start of each semester, once in October and again in February), directly to the school which the student is enrolled.  Schools will be notified of pending scholarship awards.

Q: Are students enrolled in a local bay area private school able to apply? For instance is Daly City, Emeryville or Oakland eligible areas?

A: No. Students must be enrolled and in good standing with a private school located within San Francisco.

Q: Can we apply every year, even if we've received a Youth SF scholarship in the past?

A: Yes, You may reapply each year.  There is no cap to how often you could be awarded.  Scholarships are also based on the amount Youth SF receives in donations each year.  Some years may result in more award recipients than others.  Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to apply early, since scholarships are based on a first come first serve basis (as well as financial need and scholastic merit).

Q: Is there any other way to send my application in besides through email or fitzform?

A: No.  Currently Youth SF is only accepting completed applications (along with two letters of intent, one by the family/guardian and another by the student- provided they're in the sixth grade or higher) through email or fitzform.  Please scan your completed application and letters, and send to:, or use fitzform.

Q: Does the Youth SF scholarship pay for anything other than tuition, such as school supplies or books?

A: No. Youth SF scholarships only cover tuition expenses.

Q: What if I receive additional scholarships/grants/financial assistance from additional organizations or programs, and the combined amount received by all contributors (including Youth SF) exceeds tuition?

A: Should a student accept a Youth SF scholarship, they can also receive tuition assistance from another organization/fund/program that does not exceed the overall tuition cost.  The scholarship awarded for a specific year can only pay for that academic year, for that particular student, and will not carry over.  Concurrent school based Financial Aid is acceptable.

Q: I'm a student, can I apply for a scholarship by myself?

A: Sorry, a parent or guardian must apply on behalf of a minor..



May 31st Application deadline.  Youth SF form must be submitted via fitzform or emailed and received by Youth SF by midnight

July 2nd, 2015 Award receipts announced and families are notified

Mid October 2015 – Schools are paid for the first semester of tuition, on behalf of Youth SF awardee

Mid February 2015  – Schools are paid for the second semester of tuition, on behalf of Youth SF awardee